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Circuit Breaker Timer
We AJIT ELECTRONICS CORPORATION are Manufacturers, Exporters & Leading Suppliers of Circuit Breaker Timer, Time Interval Meter, Breaker Timer, Breaker Timing Kit, Timing Kit, Circuit Breaker Time Interval Meter, SCOTT timing Kit Loacated in Dombivli, Thane, Mumbai, India.
Salient features:

• Micro - Controller based technology
• Very Compact and lightweight
• Very accurate measurements
• Available with built - in thermal printer or RS 232 interface
• Available in bench top and industrial suit case models.
• Economical



Technical Specification:
Range: Upto 9999 millisecond
Display: 16 X 2 LCD Type
Accuracy : 0.5%
Commands: Close & trip for breakers
Trip free: C O timing of breakers
Reset: Resets the counter to zero. 
Input: a) Potential free contacts R-Y-B and common
  b) +ve and close or +ve and trip can withstands for
  220V AC/DC and 6Amp.
Supply: 230 V AC, single phase, 50 Hz.
Special Notes :
• The timer will not start if all three contacts are not in same condition.
• The timer will not start for trip free mode if all poles are not open. Display will state the condition of each pole.
• Can check the bounce when close command is issued.
• The timer will scroll for R, Y and B phase with indicating No. of bounces and close duration for each bounce.
• Duration is indication by a,b,c and so on for 6 bounces. Each phase scrolled for approximately 6 seconds.
• If timer does not stop it will indicate that time has exceeded 10 seconds and it will be displayed according to phase.
CBT -1 Circuit breaker timer
CBT -1P Circuit breaker timer with built in thermal printer
CBT -1PRS Circuit breaker timer with printer & RS 232 interface
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