Relay Tester

Automatic Relay Test Sets
• Potential -Free start and stop signal
• Continously adjustable outputs
• Portable Models
• Automatic Self Sensing of Contacts, i.e. NO /NC
• Digital ammeter, voltmeter and time interval meter (UniTimer)
• UniTimer automatically puts OFF the output, when timer reaches to its maximum value of the selected range to ensure safety of the
   instruments as well as the item under test. Wide range of measurement, i.e. from 1 millisecond.
• To 9999 secs In four ranges.
The protective devices such as relays, overload coils, circuit breakers must be checked regularly to ensure that, they are always ready to operate correctly. If a fault occurs in the equipment, which they are protecting, routine relay testing will quickly detect the faulty, incorrectly adjusted protection circuits correctly. It is usually necessary to measure its operating time. The micro controller based time interval meter is used for this purpose in all AJIT brand relay testers.
Technical Specifications :
Input Supply : 230V, AC, + 10% single phase.
Metering : a) 3 ½ digit, ammeter / voltmeter b) micro controlled based time interval meter
Range : 0-9.999 - 99.99 - 999.9-9999 sec selectable by a push button.
Display : 4 digit LED Type.
Protection : Fuse /MCB, Over current protection.
Main Specification:
MODEL AC Current
AC Current
AC Voltage
DC Voltage
Aux. Voltage
RTS - 1 0-1A - 5A - 250V - 250V
RTS - 25 0 - 2.5A - 25A - - 250V
RTS - 25AV 0 - 2.5A - 25A - 250V - 250V
RTS 50 0-1A-10A-50 - 250V 250V 250V
AE 1 500 VA 0-1A-10A-100A - 250V - 250V
AE 1-2 VAD 0-1A-10-100A 0-10A 250V 250V 250V
AE 2 AVD 0-1A-10-200A - 250V 250V 250V
AE 1 500 VAD 0-1A-10-100A - 250V 250V 250V
AE 100 Automatic with CT test functionand built in printer 0-1A-10-100A 0-10A 500V 300V 250V
Test and Measuring Instruments

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